Anti-Rabbit Art


Alzheimers Portraits

Andre Brodyk

These paintings were made with a new transgenic organism as the medium--a strain of E. coli bacteria that Brodyk himself created by mixing genes for a glowing molecule from jellyfish (green fluorescent protein) along with human genes connected to Alzheimers disease.

Landscape and Mammary/Raw Assmilk Soap.

Karin Bolender

This is part of a body of performance work (or "ontological choreography") involving a companion species: the American Spotted Ass.

Bryan Wilson (New York City)

Monument To The Future (Specimen 1): cast and carved glass within a wooden box.

Ryan Burns (Oregon, courtesy Barrister's Gallery)

Rubbings from clearcut stumps in an old growth forest from the Pacific Northwest.

Sourdough Cultures

Jake Metcalf (University of California, Santa Cruz)

Sarah O'Brian (New York City)

This multispecies assemblage crossed the Oregon Trail in a wagon in the 19th Century and then began propagating itself on the internet at the turn of the 21st Century.

Human Cheese

Miriam Simun (New York City)

Disturbing visions of the future (or the present) may be abstracted, rationalized, swept aside. By serving human cheese, Simun asks people to grapple with pressing technological and ethical issues.

Forgotten 20th Century Knowledges--the Xenopus pregnancy test

Comming Fall 2011

Eben Kirksey (New York City)

Kathy High (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute-RPI, New York)

Rat Models and Intimate Views--projects with genetically engineered rats that were created to suffer with human diseases.

Paranoia Bugs

Marnia Johnston (California)

The U.S. invasion of Afghanistan in 2005 prompted Marnia Johnston to start making Paranoia Bugs. "The paranoia of the U.S. was a kind of swarm," Johnston said, "where fears fed and bred upon each other, crawling and overtaking everything in their path."

Thneeds Re-Seed

Deanna Pindell (Olympic Peninsula, Washington)

This sculptural remediation strategy uses discarded sweaters to create habitat for Bryum argenteum moss in clearcut forests.

Anti-Rabbit Art

Cameron Michel, Vashti Windish, and Eben Kirksey (NYC)

This collage, made with images produced by anti-rabbits and the blood of actual rabbits, illustrates the spectacular multispecies relations fueling the dreams and schemes of biocapitalism.


Allison Hunter (Houston, Texas)

Against the backdrop of a rapidly shifting ecological landscape in which species across the globe are threatened with extinction, Zoo-space reconnects humanity with the beauty and wonder of the animal kingdom and forces us to examine our relationship with and responsibility to it.

Thneeds Re-seed

by Deanna Pindell


"Paranoia Bugs" by Marnia Johnnston

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